3 memorable wedding themes for 2015/16

While a timeless formal wedding never goes out of style, many couples today choose specific themes. Selecting a theme helps guide most of your decisions, from the type of seating you will provide to the catering menu. Wedding themes are often fashioned around the couple’s favourites hobbies, from video games to sports, but more general themes also work well. Draw some inspiration from these 3 memorable wedding themes that are sure to remain hot throughout 2015/16.

1. Rustic

A rustic wedding typically features farmland, barns, mason jars, and old-fashioned hand tools. Yet rustic need not mean casual. Look for a picturesque venue that is peaceful and secluded with plenty of room to move around. If your processional will take place outside the marquee, consider laying runners on the ground to avoid messing up the wedding party’s clothes.
A rustic wedding is a particularly good choice for do-it-yourself couples, as you can hand-make a great deal of the decor. Consider handwritten signage in chalk on boards made of wooden planks. Build your own simple wedding arch from branches and twine. Use barrels, woven baskets, and rough-hewn wooden tables and chairs. If possible, gather wildflowers for both decoration and bouquets.

Ultra-formal wedding gowns are out of place at a rustic wedding, but slightly less formal dresses work well. Look for simple yet elegant designs with tasteful, restrained trim. Bridesmaids at a rustic wedding look terrific in light-coloured dresses that are mid-calf length or shorter. For the men in the wedding party, select light or dark sport coats and trousers rather than heavy suits or tuxedos.

2. Vintage

Technically, a vintage wedding could incorporate any era from Ancient Greece through the 1980s. When considering vintage style, however, most couples choose a classic look from sometime around the 1940s or 1950s. To set your vintage wedding apart, consider hiring a light-coloured 1950s convertible car as your wedding transport.

You have a great deal of latitude in choosing furnishings and decor pieces for a vintage wedding. Mid-century American or European designs work well, as do old-fashioned signs and advertising posters. Repurpose old crates and similar containers to hold wedding favours. Create conversational furniture groupings within the marquee, and consider using old TV tray stands on legs rather than traditional tables.

Vintage wedding gowns are typically made in traditional styles that are figure-enhancing but not overly revealing. Bridesmaid dresses can be of any length except mini, and are usually in pastel colours. Men in a vintage wedding usually wear dark suits or tuxedos, depending on the time of day.

3. Eco-friendly

A traditional wedding can create quite a bit of waste, and many couples are conscious of reducing their impact on the environment. Eco-friendly green weddings have become quite popular as couples realise that they can be just as tasteful and elegant as more traditional options.

Outdoor marquee weddings are naturally green, when compared to those held at venues that consume a great deal of electricity and water. Consider skipping the fancy transport such as a limo or vintage car, instead using as few fuel-efficient cars as possible to get the wedding party to the site. Hold both the ceremony and the reception at the same site to avoid using transport between venues.

Choose recycled paper or that made from renewable resources for your wedding invitations and thank you notes, and use a single envelope rather than the traditional two. Use a wedding website to keep your wedding party and guests apprised of upcoming plans rather than sending out paper reminders.

Select locally grown flowers that are not coated in pesticides, or choose artificial flowers that you will reuse in your home. Or make a bold eco statement and skip the flowers altogether, instead creating centrepieces from renewable resources. For wedding favours, choose edible items such as locally grown honey or fruit preserves in elegant jars.

Wedding gowns are a big issue for those planning an eco-friendly wedding. Consider purchasing a second-hand gown or commissioning a new one from a designer who uses only sustainable materials. After the wedding, donate your dress to a charity or sell it on consignment. Encourage bridesmaids to wear dresses they already own, with a few guidelines such as colour and length.

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