5 benefits of holding an outdoor event

When you think of a wedding, banquet, or other special event, an outdoor location doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. After all, we have been conditioned since childhood to think of churches and banquet halls. Yet an outdoor locale can add an extra layer of style to any event, from a casual dinner to a black-tie affair. Here are 5 major benefits of holding your next event outdoors.

1. Date and Venue Options

Popular venues typically book up months or even years in advance. If you plan that far out, you can probably get your top choice location, as long as you are extremely flexible about the exact date and time. If your planning timeline is shorter, you will have to settle for whatever venue and date happen to be available.

Moving your event outdoors opens up a wealth of new possibilities. For a private event at home, you can choose exactly the date and time you prefer. If you would rather use a public location, consider a zoo, museum, sculpture garden, park, or other scenic spot. While these venues do have bookings regularly throughout the year, the volume is typically much lower than that of indoor venues, making it far easier to get even a last-minute booking. You might also save a great deal of money when compared to booking the most popular spot in town.

2. Creative Freedom

Many venues require you to use their preferred vendors for everything from entertainment to catering. Although you should always ask for confirmation when booking space at a privately-owned locale, moving your event outdoors generally gives you the freedom to use any vendors you like. This opens up new possibilities, such as ice sculptures or strolling violinists, that might not be available on a traditional venue’s vendor list. It also allows you to negotiate for the best prices or even enlist the help of friends and relatives.

3. Customisation

No matter how nice an indoor venue might be, the space is what it is. You might be able to move tables around or change the decorations, but you are limited by everything that is built-in, from the overhead lights to the stage, as well as the walls and ceilings. For an outdoor event, you are limited only by the physical size and shape of your chosen space. You might hire a series of marquees to hold different activities or stations, or hire a bounce house to entertain the kids. You can place a dance floor outdoors under the stars, or use portable heaters to create a cosy, intimate setting underneath a marquee.

4. Look and Feel

Being outdoors, connecting with nature adds a look and feel to your event that simply cannot be replicated in even the most stunning indoor venue. Choose an outdoor locale with a tremendous scenic vista for a sunset event, or someplace well away from city lights for late-night stargazing.

You can also build exactly the setting you desire underneath one or more marquees. The venue becomes a blank canvas for you to create the event of your dreams. Is your affair formal? Twinkling white Christmas lights add a touch of glamour. Do you have a beach party theme? Add some flip flops and sand buckets to the decor. While it is possible to create a mood inside an indoor venue, it is much easier at an outdoor event where you are not constrained by what is already there.

5. Being Memorable

Think through the weddings and special events you have attended throughout your life. Can you really remember many of the details? Odds are good that if you have been to more than a few, they all sort of run together in your mind. That’s because most special events are very similar in terms of venue and basic theme.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and create a night to remember, it would be hard to go wrong with an outdoor event. Just the act of moving it outdoors sets it apart as something special, and any layers you add in terms of theming or decor will only enhance the effect. Why settle for a run of the mill event when you can create something truly magical?

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