6 Tips For Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

Planning The Perfect Beach Wedding

Getting married and organising a wedding is a huge deal and it is important to make this day as special as possible. Have you been looking for a memorable way to say “I do”? Are you a fan of spending quality time at the beach?

Combining these two ideas could be a winner, but only if it is planned well. The following 6 tips will help you plan the perfect beach wedding.

1. Choose The Right Dress

When you are getting married in a formal venue, it is far different from saying your nuptials while you are standing on the sand.

For this reason, you need to be particularly careful when you are choosing a dress. Formal ballroom attire is not a good idea since it is likely to be a pain to wear on a beach.

You should opt for something that is flowing and made of lighter fabric.

2. Have A Day Wedding

One reason that many couples get married on the beach if to take advantage of the scenic views. This is the perfect backdrop for a wedding and offers so many photo opportunities.

With that said, this is only true when you are getting married in the daytime. If you decide to get married in the evening, the crystal waters will look like nothing but a sea of blackness.

3. Consider Accessibility

Try to have your wedding at a part of the beach that is easily accessible by others. You do not want guests, vendors and others who are part of the wedding to struggle when trying to access the location you selected.

Yes, this is your day and it is supposed to be about you and your love, but failing to consider others when it comes to this would be very selfish and set a negative tone for the day.

4. Add Colour

One thing you have to remember when getting married on the beach is the fact that the natural setting is not very colourful. If you were planning to water muted hues, you should give this more thought.

If you select tones that are similar to the background, all of your pictures will be boring and understated.

The best way to get around this would be to add some colour in any way you can, whether this means buying fewer of all the shades or using different hues as an accent to the lighter ones you planned to use.

5. Buy Plenty Of Repellent

Whether you believe it or not, many couples forget this part of the process and they end up regretting it.

You do not want to have everyone at your wedding getting annoyed by flies and mozzies, so make sure to have plenty of repellent handy.

Try to find a brand that is not sticky and does not contain any ingredients that will leave stains on your clothing.

6. Hire An Event Planner

You might think that you have this all figured out, but planning a wedding is far more complicated than it seems.

Instead of allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by everything, you can hire a planner to handle things on your behalf.

They can arrange your event hire, order your flowers and anything else that needs to be done for your special day.

Finding someone you want to spend the rest of your life with is exciting and having a beach wedding is the perfect way to start things off on a positive note.

If you would like to make this day one that everyone will remember for all of the right reasons, you need to make it a point to follow this advice.

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