7 budget saving tips for a graduation party

Graduation season is expensive, between paying for a cap and gown, settling the last of the school costs, buying presents, and possibly making a down payment for future education. A graduation party is a wonderful way to celebrate your graduate’s achievements, but many families simply do not have the money for a lavish bash. Fortunately, there is no need to break the bank to give your graduate the party he or she deserves.

1. Go Digital

Modern graduates and their friends spend most of their time in the digital world, so it makes little sense to invest in old-fashioned printed invitations. Instead, send out digital invitations for free through Facebook, Evite, Paperless Post, or a similar outlet. If you are inviting older relatives who are not web savvy, purchase a small package of blank invitations just for those guests, and fill them in by hand.

2. Use a Free or Low-Cost Venue

If you or a relative have a reasonably open and flat backyard, skip the pricey venues in favour of a party at home. Even if no one has the space to host the party, outdoor parks are usually free or very inexpensive. Consider hiring a small marquee to keep the sun or rain away, and enjoy the freedom to lay out the space and decorate it any way you like.

3. Make an Advice Tree

Get your guests in the celebratory mood by asking them to contribute a few words of advice for the new graduate. Arrange some branches in a pretty vase, and surround the “tree” with note cards, pens, and clips. As guests arrive, ask them to write their advice on a note card and clip it to the tree. The tree serves a multiple purpose as both a festive decoration for the party and a treasured memento for years to come.

4. Choose DIY Decorations

Making decorations for a graduation party is both easy and fun. Create a memory corner with photos of the graduate at various ages. Use foam board to cut out numerals for the graduation year, and cover each number with festive clouds of tissue paper. Sit down with some basic craft supplies and see what you can come up with, focusing on what makes your graduate unique.

5. Stock Up on Food

Food can be the priciest part of a graduation party, so buy it a little at a time. Shop sales and stock up when items are heavily discounted. Keep the food simple, choosing appetizers and light fare rather than a full-blown sit down dinner.

6. Ask for Help

Your graduate has lots of friends and relatives, so why not ask a few people to pitch in? Everyone has an individual skill set, from arts and crafts to cooking. The graduation party will feel more personal and more intimate if several of the most important people in the graduate’s life each contribute a little something special.

7. Team Up With Other Families

In many regions, graduation weekend is a blur of parties and celebrations, and graduates have little time to spend at each one. Rather than sending each graduate on a whirlwind tour around the city, consider working with other families of graduates to develop one big bash. It is less expensive for everyone to contribute to a single gathering rather than hosting individual parties, there tends to be less wasted food, and graduates get the opportunity to sit down and relax with their friends and loved ones instead of constantly watching the clock to make sure they hit every party.

A graduation is a major accomplishment, and it deserves to be celebrated in style. With a bit of ingenuity and some advance planning, however, there is no reason for a graduation party to break the bank. Focus on the things that make your graduate unique, and you will set the stage for a party to remember even on a tiny budget.

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