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30 Oct

Kids parties have become more and more expensive as parents try to outdo each other to create bigger, more elaborate, and flagrantly over the top birthday bashes. While these extravagant parties can certainly be fun, they are also unnecessary. With a bit of creativity and a dash of ingenuity, you can throw an amazing kids party without breaking the bank.

29 Oct

Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you are understandably eager for it to be as perfect as possible. Yet how to accomplish that is unique to each wedding couple. Some couples choose a huge, formal gala for 250 people. Others prefer a low-key affair with their closest family and friends.

05 Oct

Should you plan your big event, or would you be better off hiring a professional event planner? This is a common question with no easy answer. While a professional likely has much more training and experience, some people have a natural talent for planning their own events and those of their friends. You might have a relative or friend who fits the bill, or you might like the peace of mind that comes with hiring an expert. Regardless of who ends up doing the planning, below are 3 key signs that the person you chose will do an excellent and professional job.

05 Oct

According to the latest report in the Herald Sun, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is up to $65,482—a shocking sum to many brides-to-be. If you have the spare cash, that sum will certainly buy you a modern fairytale, complete with a lolly buffet, fairy floss carts, imported flowers, and a personalised menu designed by a celebrity chef. However, it is just as possible now as it always was to design an elegant, meaningful wedding at a fraction of the cost. Just how much less depends on your personal tastes. Below are the typical expenses incurred by bridal couples.

05 Oct

An outdoor wedding can be as stunningly elegant or as invitingly informal as you choose. Unlike a traditional venue, in which your design options are restricted by what is already there, an outdoor venue represents a blank slate on which you can build your dream wedding. However, not all outdoor spots are alike. Before signing a contract, think through these 7 important considerations to ensure that your chosen venue meets your needs.