5 October, 2015

How much should you budget for your wedding?

According to the latest report in the Herald Sun, the average cost of a wedding in Australia is up to $65,482—a shocking sum to many brides-to-be. If […]
5 October, 2015

3 key signs of a great event planner

Should you plan your big event, or would you be better off hiring a professional event planner? This is a common question with no easy answer. […]
12 August, 2015

What to look for in a caterer

There is an expression that says “horses for courses”. In simple terms, this means that certain people and businesses are better suited to certain situations, and […]
5 August, 2015

5 benefits of holding an outdoor event

When you think of a wedding, banquet, or other special event, an outdoor location doesn’t necessarily spring to mind. After all, we have been conditioned since […]
29 July, 2015

3 Benefits of Hiring an Event Planning Company

Whether you are planning your wedding or organising a large charity function, you might wonder whether to handle the event yourself or hire a professional event […]
10 June, 2015

How to Plan a Party in Less Than 2 Weeks

If you are throwing a major bash but have no time to plan, it is easy to become bogged down and overwhelmed. Yet any special event, […]
14 May, 2015

Wedding Costs in Australia

In 2014, the average cost for a wedding in Australia was $36,200. Parents contributed to the costs of just over half the weddings, which were financed […]
12 March, 2015

Quick guide to a wedding planning timeline

If you are newly engaged, congratulations! You are embarking on the biggest adventure of your life. Your initial feelings of love, happiness, and contentment may quickly […]
24 February, 2015

3 memorable wedding themes for 2015/16

While a timeless formal wedding never goes out of style, many couples today choose specific themes. Selecting a theme helps guide most of your decisions, from […]
24 February, 2015

5 great themes for your next outdoor event

A marquee provides a lovely blank canvas for planning almost any sort of outdoor party. From black tie formality to casual fun, your options are limited only by […]
24 February, 2015

Planning an event ? 5 things to keep in mind

Planning an event is often overwhelming and confusing. Whether you want to have the wedding of the year or a party that your guests will remember […]
16 January, 2015

Your wedding marquee hire checklist

Hiring a marquee provides a touch of elegance for any wedding. Whether you envision an elegant, classic garden party or a sleek and contemporary ultra-modern wedding, […]
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