Clearspan structure

The ClearSpan Structure is our premier option and comes in a range of sizes, perfectly suited for any special event large or small.

The clean lines and solid construction of our ClearSpan Structures make them one of the best options available on the market today. To complement our range we offer a selection of unique options like, silk liners, glass entrance doors, hard wood flooring, lighting and more.

Our structures are suitable for both soft and hard surface installations. All of our marquees are installed by our experienced installers and are cleaned before every use to ensure the highest quality product for your event.

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    ProFloor (raised plastic ground cover)Raised Natural Wood FlooringRaised Wood Flooring with CarpetDance FloorStagingSilk LiningLighting

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    Install Marquee with Pegs (soft surface eg: grass)Install Marquee with Weights (hard surface eg: concrete)Not sure

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    yesPlease contact me to arrange an on-site marquee consultation.

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