Electron Pole Marquee

The Electron marquee is available in three sizes 9m X 9m (single post) 9m x 15m (double post) and 9m X 21m (triple post.) These traditional posts are not only structural but a stunning addition to the space.

Request a marquee quote today and within 24hrs our marquee experts will email you a full quotation with the right marquee for your number of guests and event type.

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ProFloor (raised plastic ground cover)Raised Natural Wood FlooringRaised Wood Flooring with CarpetDance FloorStagingSilk LiningLighting

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Install Marquee with Pegs (soft surface eg: grass)Install Marquee with Weights (hard surface eg: concrete)Not sure

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yesPlease contact me to arrange an on-site marquee consultation.

Comments and Questions: Please list your marquee preference and any further space requirements that will need to be allowed within the marquee (eg: band, bar area.)

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