Event Lighting Tips For Bringing Out The Ideal Mood

Lighting Tips To Bring Out Ideal Mood

Do you have a big event planned but aren’t sure what to do with the lighting? Please read on as we give you some expert lighting tips to make your event the best one yet!

A lot of event planners focus on the venue, number of people, and the décor but forget about lighting. This should be top of the list as it has the power to bring out a specific mood.

It is the key to success, and most people do not get it right when planning events. It is vital to understand the lighting for any event to ensure that it brings out the ideal mood for the occasion.

Please check out the following tips below:

Get Information About the Event

Before you decide anything about the lighting, it helps to understand as much as you can about the event. This is particularly important if you are an independent event planner, and you do not have a lot of information about it.

What type of function is it? Where will it be hosted and how many people will be attending? What is the venue like, and are there any permanent fixtures that you need to work around?

What is the event timeline and are there any light fixtures present? What will the proceedings be, and will other entities set up their items during the event?

Once you get the answers to these and other questions, it becomes easier to understand the kind of light needed in that area.

Your lights need to aid the activities happening during the event while still improving the décor and bringing out the desired mood.

Plan Well

Once you have collected all the details, you will have to come up with a solid plan. It depends on the magnitude of the project and how critical lighting is to the activities.

You also need to understand how much you can rely on natural light and what you will need to put up.

In some places, the permanent light fixtures might do the job, but if the lighting needs are unique, you will have to get special ones. This plan will help you to come up with a detailed budget to be presented to your client.

If you are relying on natural light and existing fixtures, have a contingency plan as they could let you down and force you to use your equipment.

Rely on LED Lights

When getting lighting equipment, consider using LED lights. These lights last longer and give you the desired flexibility, especially when you need to create a multicoloured atmosphere.

Tungsten lights are energy-hungry and do not offer you quality lights the way LEDs do.

You can get single lights that can emit different colours, and the advancement in these lights allow you to program them electronically beforehand and set them to produce your desired light.

Use Lighting Effects

Special lighting effects will impress your audience as they take things to the next level. Examples are gobos and dynamic videos that project logos and patterned designs into a particular area.

They can be static, fading or moving depending on how you want them to turn out. These effects are useful during the critical event moments for instance when awards are being handed out, or people are being recognised.

All these effects are flexible, and the onus is on you to decide how they should turn out. Remember to try them out before the actual event to ascertain if they will produce the desired effect.

Remember the Exterior

It is easy to light the event venue and forget the outside. Having said that, you shouldn’t spend too much on the exterior, but it is good to create a certain mood from the moment guests step out of their vehicle.

Outdoor lighting ideas are endless and what you need to focus on is the area people use to get into the building. There is no fixed way to handle event lighting, and it all comes down to your creativity.

You can borrow ideas from what people have done, but remember that your lighting should always aid the main activities happening during the event. Once you get this in your plan, it becomes hard to go wrong with your options.

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