Area Heater (with Gas)


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Area Heater with 9kg Gas Cylinder.

A practical alternative to a patio heaters where ceiling clearance may be an issue.

Easy to operate and very effective.

Long running times – Operates for approximately 9 hours on a full 9Kg bottle.

For outdoor use only.

All pricing is inclusive of GST and based on our minimum 1-3 day hire rate.

Longer hire rates, Damage Waiver, Delivery & Collection fees are additional costs. This can be calculated by the Betta Event Hire team once you submit your quote request.



White smoke may appear around the radiant head during the first minutes of the initial firing.

1. Ensure that the control knob is off. Slowly open the gas cylinder valve.

2. Push in control knob and turn anti-clockwise to ‘PILOT’. The rotary piezo will make a clicking sound.

3. Check for flame at the pilot. If pilot does not light immediately turn control knob to ‘OFF’ position and try again from the start. Allow 30 seconds between ignition attempts for gas to dissipate. Several attempts may be necessary. Failure to follow this lighting procedure may result in flame roll out beyond the emitter grid.

4. With the pilot alight keep control knob depressed for 10 seconds.

5. For minimum heat turn the control knob to ‘LOW’ or for maximum heat turn the control knob to ‘HIGH’.

6. To turn heater off, turn the control knob to ‘OFF’.

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