Chafing Dish with Fuel x2


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Keep food hotter for longer without the need for electricity or gas.

A chafing dish is an indirect heat stove which uses to heat a large shallow pan of water which subsequently heats a pan of food above.

Our chafing dish sets are perfect for use outside or indoors where there may not be a plug socket close by.

Heated by safe and efficient chafing dish fuel, ensuring food is served at the proper temperature.

Fuel will burn for 4 hours.

Each dish comes with 2 burners. Extra burners are at an additional cost.

All pricing is inclusive of GST and based on our minimum 1-3 day hire rate.

Longer hire rates, Damage Waiver, Delivery & Collection fees are additional costs. This can be calculated by the Betta Event Hire team once you submit your quote request.



Setting up a chafing dish is potentially dangerous, but can be done quickly and safely if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Place the base in exactly the position which you intend to use it.
  2. Place the chafing fuel inside a holder and remove the can lid. Attach the dampening lid to the holder and place on the stand.
  3. Place the empty water pan in the stand and check that it is secure.
  4. Fill the water pan with approximately one inch of boiling water.
  5. Light the fuel with a stick lighter, taking care to keep your hand away from the flame.
  6. Place the hot food pan on top of the water pan and close the lid.


Chafing fuel is extremely simple to use, you just need to remove the lid and light the fuel.

As with all spirit based fuels, the fumes of chafing fuel are also flammable, so be extremely cautious and use a long stem lighter when igniting.

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