Useful Tips for Planning a Marquee Wedding

Useful Tips for Planning Marquee Wedding

Marquee weddings are unique and give your guests an exciting experience on your big day. However, they are hard to plan especially if you don’t have any experience with the tents and have no information.

Well, all you need to do is conduct research to find out more about marquee weddings if you are to get them right. Following are some helpful tips to help you pull off a successful marquee wedding;

Find the Best Company

You need to find a reliable marquee company that will handle this part of your big day. Marquee hire companies are numerous and you will need to assess all the options carefully before settling on one.

Talk to friends and family members who have been in marquee weddings and parties for any useful recommendations. Your wedding planner might also be in an excellent position to recommend a reliable company.

Note that for a marquee wedding, you might be required to pay for any additional items apart from the actual tent.

Some companies will offer packages that are suited for a specific number of people and relieve you off the stress of calculating the cost of every individual item.

Where is the Marquee Going?

Marquees are huge and you need to have enough space to accommodate them. The location you settle on will play a huge role in determining the type of marquee you get.

However, do not limit yourself to small spaces as you can get farms and gardens that lease out space to people with events.

The beauty with marquees is that you do not have to install them in a fancy area for you to have a fantastic event. When picking the location, look at the access to electricity, water, and any useful infrastructure you might need.

Choose the Marquee

You have a plethora of options to pick from when choosing wedding marquees and it all comes down to your preferences and wedding theme.

Examples include traditional marquees, clear span marquees, domes and tipi tents among others.

You can consult with your wedding planner on the best one for the day depending on the activities planned for the day and the space available.

Consider the Lighting

Light is an essential aspect of any wedding considering people will be taking photos and videos of the proceedings.

Your marquee can give you natural light during the day but remember that the weather can change anytime and the event can stretch until evening and force you to put on artificial lights.

A reliable marquee hire firm will guide you on the best lighting options depending on how you want the event to be.

Modern-day LED lights are the best option as they come in various colours and can be dimmed and brightened to create the desired ambience.

Outside the marquee, ensure that the washrooms are well lit as well as the car park, gardens and the places surrounding the reception.

Design is Paramount

Planning for a wedding is a sensitive thing as all the different stages of the day need to be well coordinated. The marquee is one of the most prominent fixtures of the day and it plays a massive role in the design.

The layout must flow well. Look at when the guests will first arrive and how they will enter the space. Once this plan is well set up, it becomes easy to plan for the best position you can put the marquee and achieve the intended design.

Other things that you need to consider when planning a marquee wedding include flooring and heating. If the ground is not flat, you might have to invest in wooden floors to cover any dips and bumps.

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