What Is The Best Style Of Marquee For A Wedding?

What Is The Best Style Of Marquee For A Wedding?

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Are you looking for the right marquee to perfectly accommodate your guests on your big day? Marquees have become the go-to structure when it comes to creating the perfect space and environment/ambience for weddings.

However, the wide variety of marquees on offer may work to confuse wedding planners, brides and grooms who already have a lot on their plate as far as planning for the big day is concerned.

So, how do you choose the best style of marquee for your big event given the wide selection on offer? To find out the answer to this question please continue reading below.

After reading the information below, you should be able to:

  • Identify the different types of marquees available.
  • Choose the best style of marquee given your preferences and other important factors such as location and weather among others.

Before looking at the different types of marquees available, it might be worthwhile if you have a clear idea about the definition of a marquee.

Simply put, marquees are generally considered to be a cross between the conventional frame tent and a pole tent.

This design gives them the ease and versatility of installation of frame tents and the elegant and showy nature of high pitched pole tents.

Now that you have a clear idea of what a marquee is, read on to find out more about the three main styles available out there.

Traditional/Classic Pole Marquees

While classic pole marquees are considered to be past their glory, when it comes to creating a traditional, old fashioned look and feel at weddings, they excel over their more recent counterparts.

rely on the use of support poles and guy ropes to support the canvas and provide the necessary tension.

Much like the way tents are held to the ground using pegs, the guy ropes attached to traditional pole marquees are attached to soft ground.

However, the need to attach guy ropes to the ground is considered to be their biggest drawback as these structures can only be erected on soft ground. They cannot be used in sand, hard or gravel surfaces.

Clearspan Marquees

If you are looking for a marquee that can be set up on any surface, while giving you the freedom to add a variety of extras, including flooring, walls, clear roofs and doors among others, in a bid to create the perfect space for your guests, look no further than ClearSpan structures.

ClearSpan marquees rely on a rigid metal frame to support the polythene (PE) or PVC cover.

This design eliminates the need for support poles; thus making it possible for these structures to be used on hard surfaces.

Furthermore, the lack of centre mounted support poles means that you get a clear space under the tent so you can create your desired layout.

High Peak/Canopy Marquees

If you are interested in the elegant high peak look of pole marquees combined with the versatile and spacious nature of Clearspan marquees, then you should go for high peak/canopy marquees.

These structures also give you the freedom to choose your preferred siding, where necessary.

Canopy marquees are held up by a metal frame, with a centre pole – needed to hold up the canopy and give it that characteristic high peak look – suspended in the air, supported by cables.

These marquees can be used as standalone tents in a wedding setting, to accommodate a band or a cocktail area, or in an elaborate set up to create an open and spacious reception area.

Choosing the right tent for your wedding reception is just as important as any other task in your wedding planning checklist.

With the above information on the different styles of marquees available from Betta Event Hire for weddings in mind, making the right decision will be much easier.

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