Your wedding marquee hire checklist

Hiring a marquee provides a touch of elegance for any wedding. Whether you envision an elegant, classic garden party or a sleek and contemporary ultra-modern wedding, a marquee allows you to turn an expanse of grass into the perfect venue. Yet hiring a marquee for your wedding can be a bit frightening, as it means mounting the entire event from the ground up. This checklist will help ensure that you don’t forget any important details.

Weather Contingencies

The marquee itself helps to protect your wedding from both sunshine and rain. However, you might plan to use areas outside of the marquee for different activities throughout the day, possibly including the wedding ceremony itself. Decide exactly where and how every bit of the event will be staged, and consider hiring some smaller marquees or easily-erected tents to cover those areas if needed. In addition, you might need to provide heating or cooling. One or more portable heaters or fans can help your guests feel comfortable and relaxed.

Food and Beverage Service

One of your earliest decisions should be the food and beverage service you have in mind. Will you provide an open or cash bar? Do you plan to have the wedding catered? Will you serve appetisers and finger foods, a full plated meal, or a buffet? These decisions will help guide you through hiring the necessary set-up for food and beverage service.

For example, if you want fresh, hot food, you will need to provide kitchen space, either in your own home kitchen or in a separate marquee. Your bartender will need counter space to pour and serve, as well as easily-accessed bottle storage. You will also need to hire the appropriate glassware, plates, and other items for the menu you have in mind.

Seating Requirements

If you serve a plated meal, you will need tables and chairs that provide plenty of space for guests to comfortably dine. For a buffet-style meal or appetisers, you could probably do with fewer tables. For a cocktail party-style service that will not last too long, you might be able to do away with chairs altogether. Keep in mind, however, that if the wedding itself will take place at the venue, people generally expect to be seated for the ceremony.

Stage or Performance Space

If you plan to hire a DJ or live band, you must provide some sort of performance space. Speak with your musicians as early as possible to determine what they expect you to provide and how much room they need. Hiring a stage ensures better visibility for all your guests, but might not be necessary depending on the size of the wedding and the layout you choose for chairs and tables.

Backstage Areas

In an open venue, it is up to you to find places to hide the things that normally occur behind the scenes. Think about where you will place your lighting and sound boards, store packaging and other materials, and provide a break area for your service providers. Some couples are comfortable with these things taking place more or less out in the open, while others choose to hire a small service tent, provide space in their homes, or develop other creative solutions.

Toilet Facilities

Sooner or later, your guests will need to use the toilets. If your wedding is at home, the easiest option is to allow guests to use your private facilities, but this is often impractical for larger events. Portable toilets are available in all manner of styles and decor, from basic festival toilets to more posh models. Decide which toilets you prefer early in the planning process so that you can incorporate them into your design.

Power Needs

Hiring a generator is usually the best way to provide power for a marquee wedding. Check with all your providers, including the musicians and caterers, to find out how much power they require. If you are unsure, keep in mind that it is always better to provide too much power than not enough.

Furnishings and Décor

Think about the wedding traditions that you want to uphold, and hire the furnishings that are needed. For example, you might want a small table for the guest book and a larger one to hold wedding gifts. Will you have an emcee and, if so, does he or she require a podium? Think through each portion of the event to ensure that you have the furnishings you require.

Decor items such as flowers and candles transform the open marquee into an intimate, elegant space that is ideally suited to your wedding. Choose items that enhance your theme, fit into your selected colour scheme, and are suitable for outdoor use.

Although this is a lot to think about, taking it step by step will ensure that nothing is forgotten. Our specialised wedding team will help you develop your customised package, and are happy to put you in contact with wedding professionals from caterers to event planners to further enhance your special day.

When planning your wedding or special event, why not choose a party hire service with a personal touch? Betta Party Hire has the experience and expertise to help you choose the right items for the party of your dreams.

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